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Mini Crawler Excavator


This mini track driven excavator is designed for small works and projects in confined spaces such as driveways garden farmland, municipal works, trenching, digging and foundation works, it has a small diesel engine is designed with simple controls and is easy to maintain.

Due to its compact size, the K008 is very flexible and can pass through narrow alleys and find space on smaller construction sites. The dimensions of the excavator are 1877 x 896 x 1990 mm (LxWxH) can therefore be used almost anywhere. Nevertheless, according to their size, they fulfill the tasks of removal, demolition, transport or lifting as well as other tasks competently. With the K008 from Fred Machinery you always have the perfect all-rounder on your side. 

Testing video in our company

Working Video from our EU customer

The powerful all-rounder comes with the quieter and smoother Koop engine so that there is enough digging and lifting power for your project. This engine is with new EURO V emission standard.

The chains are individually controllable and make the K008 even more agile. With a digging depth of 1650 mm and a reach of 2560 mm at the bidentate teeth make this excavator your perfect companion on your construction site.

The K008 is supplied with a 375 mm excavator shovel as standard. In addition to this excavator you also get a 200 mm bucket, a 800 mm ditch bucket and an underground rake. A hydraulically bottom dozer blade completes the offer for optimal use. In addition, you can purchase a hydraulic auger and a hydraulic caulking hammer from us and connect them to the excavator arm via an additional control unit. The seat can be rotated through 360° and provides additional flexibility. Furthermore, the excavator is equipped with LED lighting for good visibility. An adjustable seat position and easily accessible operating levers make it easier to use the mini-excavator.

At Fred Machinery we always pay attention to the highest quality, technically perfect workmanship and a robust construction. 

This high quality excavator comes with some different sizes buckets and a removable roof and is with full compliance certification.

These machines are sold and used in Germany, Austria, Australia and are robust and able to deal with challenging conditions. It is remarkable not just because of its compact size but also its digging performance.

A full range of spare parts is available including Auger drill, forks, Log clamp,raker, ripper and other buckets.

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