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ATV Flail Mower

ATV Flail Mower with 15HP CE approved Gasoline Engine
Color: Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black or Colors combination
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Packaging: Solid Iron Steel Crate
Shipping: By Sea
Loading Port: Qingdao

  • AT-120 AT-150
  • Fred

The  ATV flail mower is fitted with a powerful petrol engine. Tow-behind design for quads, ATVs cars, or lawn tractors.

These machine are the perfect solution for those who do not own a tractor and require a powerful and reliable crusher mower.

This flail mower is very sturdy and it can be used to crush small shoots, grass and small shrubs.

Equipped with a side tow hook so you can connect it both to quads and to ride on mowers.

Mower with hammer flails for ATV

Working width 120cm or 150 cm

Fit wheels for stability and compliance at the sides or for maximum accessibility at the back

Sturdy rubber balloon wheels (16-6.50×8)

The wheels are individually height-adjustable with a spring-locked crank to prevent the crank moving backwards as a result of vibration

Adjust the angle of penetration with the turnbuckle under the tow bar

Skids at the sides for stable, smooth operation

Mudguard at the front to reduce the risk of stone chipping – HIGH LEVEL OF SAFETY!

15 hp engine with oil level monitor

Now available option with a Briggs & Stratton 13.5hp petrol engine 

Increase speed with a flail mower fitted with a flap

Fitted with a flap at the back, which releases the grass to avoid excessive accumulation under the hood. You save on fuel and reduce wear on the belts, and you can also operate at a higher speed than an ATV flail mower without a flap. The grass is also spread more evenly

Deals with tougher vegetation such as tussocks, roots and stones.

Used primarily for topping pastures, parks and road verges

Stable construction.

Flail mower built for a long service life, so that you can spend your money on something else

Grease nipples on support and rotor roller bearings

Sealed cover over the belts

The whole construction is well-protected but easy to access for cleaning, servicing and repair

Wide support roller at the rear

The tow bar has three fixed lateral adjustments

Tips for use

For best results, and a longer service life for belts, we recommend mowing at a speed of 10 km/h if the grass is of normal height. For higher grass, raise the mower to its maximum and mow twice.

Technical DataAT-120AT-150
Dimensions (LxBxH)mm2000x1900x9002000x2200x900
Total weight240kg263kg
Working width1150mm1450mm
Recommended grass height< 35cm
Adjustable mowing height20 – 70mm
Tire size16“ x 6.5“ – 8“
Trailer connector2'' ball head coupling
Working efficiency2100 – 2500m²/h2500 – 3000m²/h
Drive system3 belt system 17mm,   centrifugal clutch
Engine max. power15hp
Starter moderecoil starter  (E-starter optional)
Fuel tank6,5L
Fuel consumptionapprox. 1.5-2.0 L/Std.
FuelUnleaded Gasoline
Rotor shaft diameter / material strength108mm / 8mm
Rear roller  diameter / material strength102mm / 5mm
Material strength mower housing4mm
Material strength side walls6mm
PaintingPowder Coating
Flails typeFlail hammer, Forged and Galvanized
Number of flails2832
Weight per flail hammer320gr
Rotor RPM recommended / max.2500 / 3200
Iron Steel Crate Packing(LxWxH)155x85x80cm185x85x80cm

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