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Round Baler

Color: Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Packaging: Solid Iron Steel Crate
Mode of shipping: By sea
Loading Port: Qingdao
  • MRB0850 MRB0870 MRB0950
1) Highly Manoeuvrable   2) Low Maintenance 3) Continuous Roller Design 
4) Low Power requirement  5) 3 Bale Density Settings  6) Smaller Bale Size       
7) Easier to handle  8)' Bale Ejection' System   9) 'Twine Auto-Binding' System
10) 3 Point Hitch   11)Japanese Technology 
Mini round baler can pick up hay, rice straws and crumbled corn stalks and compress 
them into compact bales that are easy to handle. Hay baler can pick up wheat 
straw hood, bundle, cut twine automatically, can cut through the tank round the 
size of the adjustment, to change after the ring when bundle of grass and density, 
make bale do not come loose. Twine wrap round baler makes a 33 inch diameter 
by 35 inch wide round bale. No hydraulics are required. 18+ horsepower, 
2000+ pounds tractor recommended.
For many small acreage farmers putting up quality feed each season is a challenge; you don't put in enough tons to justify the expense of a 4' or 5' round baler and small square bales require too much time and labor. The happy medium comes in the form of a mini round baler, needing only 18 horsepower and 12v power to operate. If your loader can lift 1000lbs you're all set! 
Some of the benefits of the compact round bales include:
requires only a 18hp tractor
lower initial equipment investment
dry bales are easily rolled in a barn or loft
less labor than small square bales
higher potential profit per ton
Let's take a closer look at the benefits:
Minimal Horsepower Requirement
The FRED mini round balers need only 18hp and are completely self contained, requiring only 12v power and a PTO to operate. This means nearly any compact tractor can be used since no hydraulic remotes are required for operation. 
Lower Initial Startup Cost
Because the mini round balers need less horsepower, no hydraulics and make bales weighing less than 4' bales you can use just about any compact tractor to bale and pickup your hay. Plus the smaller balers, mowers and rakes cost less to maintain the "full size" models. 
Compact Round Bales Are Easy To Handle
Both the 2x2 and 3x3 mini round bales have one great design feature: they're round. Compact round bales can easily be rolled around in a barn or out of a truck. Try that with a square bale! 
Lower Labor Costs
With a bale spear and a tractor capable of lifting 800lb you can completely automate your bale handling process. You'll put your crop in faster and need fewer bodies compared to small squares. 
Higher Profit Per Ton
Because the compact round bales can be handled without a tractor the demand to purchase them is higher than 4' and 5' round bales. Feed store customers report an additional $40 per ton profit over larger bales. 
 Model  MRB0850  MRB0870 TRB0910(Not available for sample order) MRB0950 
 Bale Size(dia. x L)mm  500x700mm  610x700mm 750x900mm 750x950mm 
 Dimensions(mm)  1150x1300x1300mm  1300x1300x1450mm 2450x1850x1600mm 1450x1750x1550mm
 Weight(kg)  410kg  450kg 830kg 520kg
 Pickup Width(mm)  800mm  800mm 900mm 1050mm
 Working Speed(km/h)  2~5km/h  2~5km/h 5~8km/h 6-8km/h
 Tire Size  16 x 6.50-8 16 x 6.50-8 16x6.50-8-4PR 18x8.50-8
 Tractor Required HP  18~30HP  25~50HP 30~50HP 30~55HP
 PTO rpm  540  540 540 540

Machine parts:
The parts of collecting material machine, mow grass roller, power package, sprocket transmission 
mechanism, rope box and warning device, hydraulic control mechanism.

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