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BXR Hydraulic Feeding Chipper

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Packaging: Solid Iron Steel Crate
Mode of shipping: By sea
Loading Port: Qingdao
Color: Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black or Colors combination
Quality Assurance: Every machine will be evaluated before packaging.
We accept third party (such as TUV, BV, SGS, Intertek etc.) to check and test the machine before delivery
  • BX42R BX62R BX82R BX102R

The FRED hydraulic feed PTO wood Chipper is one of the most simple and lowest maintenance on the market. We offer the chippers with our hydraulic feed and they all feed extremely well. 
The benefit of the hydraulic model is the feed speed can be made faster or slower that it can chip at a speed that the out shoot can handle.
Using the hydraulic feed model there is less preparation work cutting branches to feed as the duel barrel feed rollers will drag the branches in and this is a great help when chipping the heads of trees.
The feed has 3 settings, neutral, feed and reverse.
The Hydraulic feed chipper runs 2 support arms to each side of the hopper with a hydraulic motor on each side, many similar looking hydraulic chippers only run a single sided support arm that results in the mount twisting through constant load and vibrations.
It runs a direct drive from the PTO shaft without the need for gears or belt drives.
Very little horse power is required with heavy weight rotor fitted with 4 double chipping sides blades.
The horse power range is from 30hp – 100hp, tractors in the lower end of this rang will struggle operating at the full 6’’ capacity when chipping hard woods, knots etc., slowing down the feed speed will help smaller tractors work efficiently.
Our chipper bodies are CNC machined to give 100% alignment of greasable rotor bearings.
Many chipper on the market are far too complicated and a simple job such as replacing blades can be very difficult. The FRED PTO chipper gains complete access to the rotor for servicing by removing one bolt and the top half of the housing opens for easy access, the hopper can also be fully opened by removing only 2 bolts and nuts.
The internal paddles fitted to the rotor through the chips out the shoot and they also create a vacuum assisted by the vents at the front of the housing to help discharge lighter material.
 They are a must have item around the farm, eliminating the need to burn during fire restrictions and great mulch for the garden.
See our video demo to see how well it works.  
Oversized Chipping Rotor
At the heart of the BXS Chipper is an oversize heavy duty rotor and double chipping blades. The large diameter rotor has a faster tip speed for improved chipping action and the heavy gauge steel keeps your momentum to power through 4'' to 6'' diameter tree trunks. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Hydraulic Feeding Hopper
The hydraulic-feed hopper is designed to angle the brush against the rotor and blades, pulling the branches into the chipper. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Adjustable Chute
Easily control where you want the chips with the double adjustable Exit Chute. The chute swivels 360 degrees and the top deflector adjusts the distance. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Double-sided Chipping Blades
The double-sided blades are precision cut tool steel and hardened, keeping a sharp cutting edge and maximizing the performance of the chipper. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Pick Your Colour 
Just tell us your colour code and DIY machines will be offered to you. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
imatch Quick Hitch Compatible CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Bearing Plate Protection
All BX models are with bearing plate protection as standard from 2015. CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
Shearbolt Protected PTO Driven CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE
 Model  BX42R  BX62R  BX82R(Not available)  BX102R
Drive System Direct drive PTO 
w/ shear bolt
Direct drive PTO 
w/ shear bolt
Direct drive PTO 
w/ shear bolt
Direct drive PTO 
w/ shear bolt
Power Range  20~50HP  30~70HP  40~90HP  50~120HP
Chipping capacity  4''(100mm)  6''(150mm)  8''~9''(200mm-220mm)  9''~10''(230mm-250mm)
Flywheel Size  25''(diameter 630mm)  29.2''(diameter 740mm)  35''(diameter 880mm)  37''(diameter 940mm)
Flywheel Weight  144lbs.(65kg)  220lbs.(99kg)  412lbs.(185kg)  555lbs.(250kg)
No. of cutting knife  4  4  4  4
Cutting Knife Length   210mm  240mm  290mm  320mm
In-feeding System  Hydraulic feed with reverse-stop-forward   Hydraulic feed with reverse-stop-forward  Hydraulic feed with reverse-stop-forward Hydraulic feed with reverse-stop-forward
No. of Hydraulic Motor 2 2 2 2
Mounting System  3 point hitch  3 point hitch  3 point hitch  3 point hitch
Discharge hood rotation  360  360  360  360
 Weight  860lbs.(387kg)  1112lbs.(500kg)  1440lbs.(650kg)  1666lbs.(750kg)

  BX-BLADES-(3)-500x500       feed roller smaller          pulling cable
                     Knife and Blade                                                  Feed Roller                                               Outlet Control Cable

pillow bearing         210 bearing smaller                         hydraulic cylinder
       Pillow Block Bearing                                     Flange Bearing                                                           Hydraulic Cylinder

spring             strong_lock_nut       Rotor flywheel smaller
                Tension Spring                                                   Lock Nut                                                 Rotor or Flywheel

    hydraulic_pipiline    hydraulic_motor         chip twig breaker
                    Hydraulic Hoses                                            Hydraulic Motor                                            Twig Breaker

large_10098_6                  hydraulic flow compensation valve samller                    large_10103_11
 Hydraulic Control Valve                        Hydraulic Flow Compensation Valve                       Knife Bolts and Nuts

PTO Cover
                 PTO Guard or Cover

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